By Jo Wilson May 24, 2019 Industry news

In the latest of our series on recruitment, Jo Wilson says act quickly but also be realistic in your recruiting.

How quickly has that first quarter gone by? It’s also the beginning of the new financial year for many of us, with new goals and growth targets to achieve.

More than ever, attracting the highest calibre candidate is critical to success.

But successful recruitment isn’t just about sourcing the best talent – there are many factors – so here are some key areas to be mindful of when attracting, securing and onboarding talent.


Know what you want

A poorly constructed job spec, uncertainty around the remuneration budget and of course a lack of strategy around taking an opportunity to market are all handbrakes when it comes to the recruitment process and can cost your business time and money.

One of my pet hates when taking a new job from an employer is when they say “we’ll pay what we need to pay”, only to find upon questioning them further, that they are completely out of touch with what their market is paying to attract top talent.

I cannot stress enough that, when setting budgets for key personnel, you must seek out advice – not from unrelated, generic salary surveys, but from specialist recruiters who are familiar with your market.

If you have big growth targets and need top employees to help you achieve those, understanding what those exceptional performers are being paid is critical before beginning the search process.


Follow through on your commitments

Don’t make promises you can’t keep. “We’ll be in touch Monday” needs to mean “We’ll be in touch Monday”.

Likewise, if you are intending to make an offer to a high calibre candidate, make sure you allow yourself enough time to get the offer and employment contract together – don’t promise a timeframe and then miss it.

I always recommend that employment agreements are presented face to face – this gives you another “touch point” with the candidate and also allows them to ask any questions they may have missed during the recruitment process.

The key thing to remember here is that in a very tough, competitive market in the race for top talent, as we are in New Zealand, the way you conduct yourself through the interview and offer process is a direct indicator to a potential employee as to how you’ll be to work for!


Don’t make stupid offers!

An outstanding sales candidate whom I recently placed within the consumer goods sector happily recounted a story about the employment offer they turned down before accepting the right role with my client.

This employer had gone right through the interview process but had completely missed, or ignored, all of the most important things the candidate communicated around what their next move would need to look like.

The candidate was on a $115k salary, was not prepared to accept less and as a top performer in his market was looking for a move forward in remuneration.

There were of course other very important aspects to the candidate, such as career prospects and the right company culture, all of which seemed to exist in this business.

Imagine his surprise though when the employer made him an offer of $100k – the given reason being “We understand you’re a proven performer in the industry, however you are not proven to US – therefore we expect you to take a step back in order to join us”.

Seems incredible? It’s not – it’s actually quite common!

Employers – trust me, long gone are the days where great candidates outnumbered the jobs available – you’re competing in a very tight market out there and you can’t play games with people.

Not only will you fail to secure the people you want, but you will eventually tarnish the reputation of your business – making it impossible to attract “A” candidates!


The above points really are just the tip of the iceberg – there are many other ways to shoot yourself in the foot when it comes to recruitment.

One thing is for certain, though – if you’ve identified a top performer who you want in your business, you won’t get them if you don’t know what you want, don’t act quickly enough and then make an unrealistic offer!

To talk about how you can avoid missing out on the people you need to help drive the success and growth of your business, call me to arrange a no-obligation meeting – I’d love to meet you. 


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