By Wares September 19, 2016 Industry news

Adding to the financial implications of JB Hi-Fi buying The Good Guys, Roy Morgan has injected some interesting customer stats.

Roy Morgan Research today posted some interesting stats around the differing audiences of the now of course related JB Hi-Fi and The Good Guys operations, particularly in comparison to big rival Harvey Norman.

In terms of customer satisfaction (see chart above), JB Hi-Fi and The Good Guys have a decent lead over Harvey Norman.

In terms of audience size, Roy Morgan says that, in the 12 months to June 2016, over 3 million Aussies purchased something from JB Hi-Fi, more than 1 million bought something from The Good Guys and 1.3 million bought something from Harvey Norman.

In terms of audience breakdown, Harvey Norman's customers were slightly older but also quite a bit more affluent than those visiting The Good Guys, while JB Hi-Fi's were younger (which makes sense with the latter being light on white goods) but more affluent again.



shopped last 4 weeks                   JB HiFi   The Good     Harvey Norman


Number per average 4 weeks            3 million   1 million            1.3 million

Mean age                                           40              49                     50

Mean household income (AU$)       115,000     98,000             107,000


All of which begs the question, will JB Hi-Fi change The Good Guys or stick with the current offering that Aussie consumers seem happy with?

And will the acquisition affect JB Hi-Fi's plans or outlook for JB Hi-Fi Home?

Still, with such clearly defined and clearly complimentary audiences, perhaps none of the above is pertinent?

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