By Wares October 05, 2016 Industry news

Appliance Connexion has solved its need for general management by promoting two well-known, long serving and highly respected staffers!

Yesterday's Appliance Connexion Board Meeting confirmed the following appointments: 

Nikki Shutkowski has been appointed as Group General Manager of Appliance Connexion Ltd, Appliance Connexion Group Services Ltd and Score Ltd.

Bryce Purdy has been appointed to the position of General Manager – Merchandising & Marketing.

The ACL notification to members says: "As long term employees of Appliance Connexion, they have developed an excellent understanding of the company's operations and have recently been involved in confirming a 'Strategy for Growth' strategic document for the organisation." 

This document was presented to Shareholders at the recent Annual General Meeting during the August conference in Hawaii.

Nikki has been responsible for ACL's finance & administration role for the past 15 years, while Bryce has been responsible for all merchandising and company product direction for 17 years, more recently having also adopted the marketing role.

Peter Drummond says: "During my term as Acting CEO, following Mr Wayne Burton's tragic and untimely passing, I have spent considerable time working with both Nikki and Bryce and the Support Office staff of Appliance Connexion

"I have been impressed with their enormous dedication and passion for the organisation

"Their work ethic, commitment and creativity has enabled Appliance Connexion to achieve record 'percentage return of sales' to Shareholders, during indifferent and challenging market and trading conditions.

"The Board are especially pleased to be able to make these senior appointments from within the group."

Peter Drummond's role as CEO ceases effective immediately and and he reverts to the role of Chairman of Appliance Connexion group. 

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