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This week's Roy Morgan State of the Nation report says twice as many Kiwis stream as download content.

Roy Morgan Research released its latest insights into New Zealand in Auckland yesterday. 

With a special focus on media, technology and the rise of on demand content, its key findings are as follows:

  • Although 77% of Kiwis still watch free to air TV, 83% of Kiwis also now access one or more types of content on demand.

Of these on-demand consumers:

  • 57% visit news or newspaper websites during the week.
  • 52% stream or download music, radio, TV or films.
  • 50% visit YouTube in an average four weeks.
  • 24% already pay for a Video On Demand (VOD) service at home.
  • 12% watch free-to-air TV via catch-up.

Where do Kiwis get their on demand content?

Of the paid VOD options, Spark’s Lightbox may have been first out of the blocks two years ago but it's Netflix that's netted the most growth with 264,000 subscribers (7.5% of the NZ population aged 15+), compared to Lightbox's 128,000 and Sky Neon's 22,000 at the end of last year.

That's a lot of growth and fast too. But, to put these numbers into context, at 31 December 2015, Sky TV still had 860,445 total subscribers.

How do Kiwis get their on demand content?

Streaming music, radio, TV and movies now has twice as many Kiwi adherents as downloading: almost half of Kiwis (46% actually) now stream one or more content types (up from 28% in 2012), while 23% download (up from 20%).

From 2001 to 2008, the number of Kiwis recording TV shows fell from 70% to 42%. Today, thanks to hard disk recorders and decoders, a slight majority of Kiwis (56%) again record TV shows.

What about free to air content?

During the week, 77% of Kiwis watch free-to-air TV shows via broadcast. 39% record shows, and 12% watch catch-up, but only 5% now watch free to air TV only by recording or catch-up.

Look for some more detail around the devices Kiwi streamers are using in the next issue of Wares magazine!

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