By Wares May 02, 2016 Phones, Mobile Devices & Portable Audio

Things ain't what they used to be? First ever fall in smartphone shipments recorded in Q1 2016.

Worldwide smartphone shipments (note: not sales...) fell for the first time ever, from 324 million units in Q1 2015 to 321 million units in Q1 2016, says Canalys.

Although Huawei and Oppo saw growth, with Xiaomi basically static, both the major smartphone vendors posted declines in shipments, with Apple the worst hit.

Excluding Apple and Samsung, smartphone shipments were +5%, despite some of the big international brands outside the top five also faring badly.

LG, Lenovo and TCL-Alcatel all posted significant declines, while Sony saw a massive fall, by around 57%.

Why? Canalys puts forward the following reasons:

  • Apple failed to repeat the upgrade swarm sparked by iPhone 6.
  • Product innovation is slowing.
  • Better & better specs mean replacement cycles are getting longer.
  • Emerging & high growth markets aren't buying the high value flagship  models.

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