By Wares March 15, 2016 Industry news

The stores may be closing their doors, but the brand will live on with Ruslan Kogan having bought the online rights to Dick Smith.

Online player Ruslan Kogan is shaking the tree again with having bought the rights to use the Dick Smith brand online across Australasia.

What's in it for Kogan?

At the same time as adding an ultra well-known (if somewhat tarnished) brand to the Kogan portfolio, with a possible IPO in sight it also instantly broadens the company's reach with, possibly, a new set of customers who might not have been responsive to Kogan-branded offerings.

In this respect of course the Dick Smith customer database would be part of this deal, which brings with it some thorny issues of its own...

In which respect, a Dick Smith e-newsletter from receivers Ferrier Hodgson just received this morning confirms not only the Kogan deal but also the right of consumers on the Dick Smith databases to opt out of further commercial communications.

Although the Kogan brand has a high profile across the ditch, while it is active online in New Zealand and has been for some time now, it's not really a player as such.

In which respect adopting the Dick Smith brand may be a smart move.

Will Kogan extend his famously aggressive approach to this new acquisition? Will he reset the brand and take it back towards its roots?

Probably not - this morning's e-newsletter says Kogan "intends to continue the legacy of the Dick Smith brand and run the Dick Smith business as an online-only consumer electronics retailer"...

See the full e-newsletter below. More soon.



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