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By Wares December 21, 2015 Profiles of Success

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Iconic New Zealand brand Pudney & Lee continued its history of never standing still in 2015, by redesigning the company’s logo and packaging.  

“The Pudney packaging has significantly upgraded into sleek, modern and interactive boxed packs which include ‘home’ and ‘mobile’ products.  The ownership and retention of the colour yellow was adopted in the early 1980s and continues on the Pudney packaging today as a link to our history and experience in the industry while we continue to move forward,” says Pudney & Lee National Sales Manager Hamish Andrews.

For the first time since 1954, Pudney & Lee now diversify their product offering in new and varied markets by importing & distributing outside the consumer electronic industry. It’s an evolving change that opens up new and exciting opportunities.

Pudney’s ongoing business as distributor for premium international brands has also been going strong this year, with Swedish brand Thule’s phone & Macbook/ iPad cases capturing the outdoor orientated consumer with stylish and ultra-tough protective cases.

Philips headphones continue as a solid mainstay and trusted brand for Pudney & Lee, an association that they are proud to maintain. Andrews is happy to report that Philips is currently the number one brand globally in the in-ear and children’s headphone categories and second globally in the sports headphones. 

“That’s the beauty of Philips,” says Andrews, “they have designed headphones to suit all generations and their different consumer lifestyles.”

The icing on the cake for Pudney & Lee this year was its win at the 2015 Wares Awards evening as Consumer Electronic Accessories Supplier of the Year.

“We are thrilled that the Pudney team once again won our supplier category for the ninth time and we wish to congratulate all the finalists and winners in each category!” Andrews says.

“We thoroughly enjoyed the Wares Awards evening – what an amazing evening it was with the M.I.B video done by Simon and his team a real highlight! This event also signified the industry importance of change, innovation, guts, pace and also fun, something this industry needs to do to work together professionally as suppliers and retailers and we look forward to the 2016 Awards evening because this year’s event has now set a new precedent for any awards ceremony.”

With a great year almost wrapped up for Pudney & Lee, Hamish Andrews is keen to see in the New Year and what new opportunities 2016 will bring.

“From the Pudney Dynasty team, we wish everyone a fantastic Christmas and New Year.  Enjoy the blissful moments with friends and family during the festive period and we look forward seeing you again soon.”

Contact: www.pudneyandlee.co.nz

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