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By Wares December 17, 2015 Profiles of Success

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Bosch believes the perfect appliance must be designed for one thing above all else – to make your customers’ time spent in the kitchen or doing dishes as pleasant as possible.

Every detail of every appliance has been carefully designed, produced and tested by our engineers to fully satisfy the highest standards in quality, performance and convenience.

The result is cutting-edge technology, timeless design and remarkable ease of use, reducing the workload and consistently delivering perfect results.


Producing the perfect result with the Series 8 Ovens

Meet the kitchen saviour – the Bosch Series 8 Ovens, featuring perfect roasting and baking sensors, Bosch Dish Assist program, and a super-quiet 4D hot air system to regulate temperatures.

Exclusively available from Bosch, the PerfectBake sensor continually measures the moisture content in the oven to determine when delicious baked goods are ready to come out. These moisture readings are continually forwarded to the electronic system, which then precisely adjusts the baking process accordingly.

The result; from sausage rolls to hot chips, from cakes to tarts – everything comes out perfectly with minimal effort involved because no special program has to be selected!

The PerfectRoast meat probe produces premium results by measuring the core temperature of meat, poultry and fish. Through several, highly sensitive measurement points, the specialised thermometer calculates the temperature of your roast to the last degree and determines the cooking time down to the nanosecond, ensuring the most accurate cooking possible for that perfect medium-rare fillet of beef or Sunday roast dinner.

With the Bosch Dish Assist program there will be no more searching for the exact temperature settings or cooking time of your customers’ favourite dishes. They just select their dish and the oven automatically sets the ideal heating method, temperature and cooking time.

The Series 8 Ovens also feature a newly developed 4D hot air system. Using a new kind of fan wheel, which alternately rotates in both directions, the 4D hot air system evenly distributes heat throughout the oven.

Unlike conventional ovens, there’s no need to research and select the correct rack height to achieve impressive cooking results as the Series 8 oven always gets it right, regardless of where you place the tray.

Despite all these features, our flagship ovens are still incredibly energy efficient, using LED lighting and low-friction EcoSilence Drive motors to achieve this.


Entertaining at home just got a lot steamier with the Series 8 Combination Steam Ovens

It’s full steam ahead for full taste! The Bosch Series 8 Combination Steam Ovens create tastier more succulent food due to the additional humidity provided for perfect baking and roasting. The results; cakes and baking are moist while meat is exquisitely tender…

And, for those of us who are health conscious, the Bosch Series 8 Combination Steam Ovens require no additional fat, butter or oil – meals can be as healthy or as decadent as you like!

Other clever features included in the Series 8 Combination Steam Ovens are the PerfectBake Sensor, the PerfectRoast Thermometer sensor, the Bosch Dish Assist and the 4D HotAir.


Now for the easiest clean up ever thanks to the Series 8 Dishwashers 

Bosch is dedicated to making life easier and the Series 8 Dishwashers do just that. Sophisticated features like AutoBrilliance, ActiveWater, AquaSensor and EcoSilence Drive deliver the best results every time, and save considerable effort and expense in the process.

The Series 8 Dishwashers feature the innovative VarioFlex Pro basket system, which gives the flexibly to adapt the dishwasher to the dishes being loaded. Coloured touch points highlight moveable elements. Space is maximised by enlarging the loading area, and foldable racks increase capacity. The VarioDrawer Pro provides a third loading level for cutlery and utensils.

The Series 8 Dishwashers also feature a multi-coloured TFT display, which not only looks good, but also provides useful information throughout the wash cycle.

Information like progress of the wash cycle, time remaining, as well as wash programs and other optional settings are clearly displayed in full colour resolution. The advanced technology even shows the predefined water and energy consumption for each wash option, allowing your grateful customer to pick the most efficient solution.

And, for even more appliances that will make your customers’ life a little bit easier, call our Sales Support team or visit the Bosch website.

Bosch Sales Support: 0800 807 723 or email 

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