By Wares December 14, 2015 Major appliances

Miele’s laundry flagships, the WMV 960 WPS Washing Machine and TMV 840 WP Tumble Dryer, with their distinctive touch displays and doors featuring silver inner rings, are referred to as the Prestige Range.

The Prestige W1 Washing Machine has an impressive 5 star energy and 5 star WELS rating, a load capacity of up to 9 kg and Miele’s exclusive PowerWash System which goes beyond previous wash performance in a full wash cycle completed in under an hour. Like other Miele washing machines in the W1 range, the WMV 960 WPS has an integrated detergent dispensing system, capsule dosing, and the new version of Miele’s patented SoftSteam drum which simplifies ironing. Anoither unique feature is Load Control whereby a sensor determines the size of the load and recommends just how much detergent to dispense.

The Prestige T1 Heat Pump Tumble Dryer, like the Prestige W1, has a 9kg load capacity and shares its sleek fascia for the perfect visual match, whether presented side-by-side or as a washer-dryer stack. Also, in a Miele first, the door can be hinged on either the right or left side. Prestige T1’s energy-efficient heat pump technology easily achieves a 6 star energy rating with EcoFeedback to allow users to be on top of consumption at all times. It also features Miele’s convenient SteamFinish function that reduces the need for ironing. With an enhanced Honeycomb Plus Drum for the most gentle laundry care, PerfectDry to ensure precise drying results and save time and energy.


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