By WARES December 12, 2018 Home entertainment

KEF's LSX wireless speakers deliver audiophile quality sound in a compact wireless package

KEF’s LS50W wireless speakers have been called a modern classic by audiophile reviewers and the British heritage brand followed up this success with the new LSX wireless speaker units.

The LSX downscales the LS50W to an even more compact (and more affordable) unit that still combines authentic hi-fi sound with wireless convenience.

Users can listen using wired Ethernet or dual-band Wi-Fi via Spotify, Tidal and DLNA.

Additionally there’s a 3.5mm analogue input on the master speaker as well as a digital optical input. 

An AptX Bluetooth connection is also an option and Apple AirPlay 2 will be available in early 2019.

They also come in a wide range of very cool colours.

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