By Wares March 19, 2019 Industry news

Thanks to everyone, the 2019 Wares Long Lunch raised almost $15,000 for Child Cancer Foundation.

Although we're still waiting for confirmation on the exact amount raised we believe the final amount raised at the Wares Long Lunch supporting the Child Cancer Foundation last week will be close to $15,000.

Chris Key of the Foundation says: "A very big thank you to Simon and the Marketplace Media team who ran an amazing event - one of the best I have attended.

"The funds raised will go to the Child Cancer Wellness packs which are designed to alleviate some of the stress that comes with being told your child has cancer and allowing parents to concentrate on the only thing that matters – their very sick child.

"A big thank you also to the All Blacks that attended - Alan, Olo, Josh and Bernie - and of course Scotty Stevenson, who did a fantastic job as MC and auctioneer.

"A big thank you too to all the sponsors of the event because, without their generosity and support, the Child Cancer Foundation couldn’t do what we do, which is help Kiwi kids fight their battle against cancer!"

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