By Jo Wilson February 22, 2019 Industry news

In the latest of our series on recruitment, Jo Wilson offers advice on the best way to “start afresh”.

Well here we are – the second month of 2019 already. The Christmas break now seems like a distant memory, and the business year is in full flight!

Often this is the time of year where people start to think about a new role.

If this is you, perhaps you’ve come back to work and have realised that you just can’t do another year in your current role, or perhaps you’ve noticed there seems to be more opportunities in the job market right now.

Whatever your reason, there are some key considerations to take into account before you “put yourself out there” – whatever your level.


Choose a reputable recruiter from within your market and make personal contact with them.

Not an email or an approach on LinkedIn – get their contact phone number and call them personally. Remember YOU are your own personal brand.

Your name and your reputation are the most compelling attributes you have to offer, irrespective of your experience. DO NOT dilute your personal brand by spreading applications all over town – not only will this reduce your value, but also increases the chance of your privacy being breached.

I’m always an advocate of letting your employer know if there are things in your role which are making you unhappy, to give them the opportunity to make changes if possible. However sometimes employees have solid reasons for keeping their search confidential – the only way of doing this is to limit who knows you’re potentially on the market.


Make sure your CV is 100% typo free.

It astounds me how many poorly written and badly formatted CVs are out there – this is quite simply unacceptable. A poor CV is often the reason why candidates fail to secure interviews.

It’s such a basic thing – you have no excuse for not presenting a document that is professional, concise and tailored toward the roles you are applying for.

Oh, and while I’m on this subject, keep your LinkedIn profile updated, and make sure you have a current photograph.


Talk about achievements in your CV.

My favourite saying is that your CV should be a bit of a “gloat document”. Not in an arrogant manner of course, but in a manner whereby you outline your key achievements under each role, so that a potential interviewer can get a feel for your suitability immediately.

In my experience, I’ll always focus on these applicants first because they demonstrate a great understanding of what “work” is all about – it’s about adding value to your employer, being successful in your role and being able to prove that. It’s also about making a difference – and you can do that, no matter what type of role or skill level you have.


Be aware that you have the right to expect privacy from whomever you talk to about a potential new role.

That includes recruiters and employers themselves. Many candidates are unaware that the Privacy Act of New Zealand is in place to prevent potential employers discussing your application with anyone without your permission.

It’s a convenient opinion from me as a recruiter of course, but there is no disputing that working with a professional recruiter is the only way to protect your privacy – we’re not going to make that “sneaky phone call” to a previous boss of yours (or in some cases, even your current boss – yes, this happens people!).

It’s all about building a trust relationship with someone who knows their stuff. We’ve all heard stories about “cowboy recruiters” but in the main part, I reckon our industry is pretty respectful of the law in this regard.

I can’t speak for everyone but I can guarantee that if you are looking to dip your toe into the job hunting pool, or want to talk about opportunities, I’ll ensure that no-one knows except potential employers we have agreed upon in advance. This is absolutely critical, especially in close knit markets like CE.

This is of course just a brief overview on some of the things you need to do in order to secure a fantastic new role for 2019. It’s a very smart time to be looking! For a confidential discussion on your career, you are welcome to call me any time. Privacy 100% assured. 

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