By Wares September 12, 2018 Industry news

Are Kiwis buying smart TVs because they're smart, not because of gains in picture quality?

IDC yesterday released stats from its latest ConsumerScape 360 study that show that, although New Zealand's smart TV adoption may be lower than you might expect at 44%, it's still well above the global average (39%) and growing.

Having said this, Kiwis still ranked smart TVs (TVs that are connected and have some form of operating system) as their third most used smart device, after smartphones (no surprise there) and laptop devices (more of a surprise). 

IDC's numbers also indicate that, while the NZ adoption rate of 4K TVs has doubled to 20% in the past 12 months (just above the global average of 19%), less than half of Kiwi 4K TV buyers say that the TV's 4K capability influenced their purchasing decision.

Instead, over half of IDC's respondents rated connectivity and smart functionality as higher priorities than outright picture quality. 

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