By Wares May 04, 2018 Major appliances

A round-up of some of the latest local and international major appliances category news.


The battle of the clothes pile continues with two laundry folding robots currently in development, the Foldimate and more recently the Laundroid.

Foldimate (above) is an Israeli-based company which debuted its machine at
CES in 2017 and may soon be partnering with BSH.

Laundroid is a partnership with Japanese firm Seven Dreamers and Panasonic and promises to be the pricier of the two with potential for in-built systems within homes.

Alternatively there is also an ironing robot called Effie available if you don’t mind folding.


Ideal for small spaces, renters or single apartment dwellers, we’ve been hearing about Tetra, an internet-connected countertop dishwasher.

It requires no plumbing connections and can be placed and used anywhere with a standard electrical outlet.

Tetra holds two full place settings (including plates, bowls, cups, and flatware), 10 plates, or 12 pint glasses. There is also an internal detergent reservoir that will last dozens of cycles.

After a meal, users load dishes onto the changeable rack system, add 2 litres into the unit and turn it on.

An entire wash cycle takes only 10 minutes to go through, and since it is transparent, you can see exactly where in the dishwashing cycle it is.

Tetra is predicted to cost less than US$300 and will be available in late 2018.

Samsung Quickdrive Frontloading Washing Machines

Samsung’s QuickDrive feature is now available in New Zealand in its latest WW6800M and WW7800M 8.5kg frontloading washing machines. The QuickDrive feature was initially unveiled at IFA in 2017 and significantly reduces load times with its Super Speed setting where a daily load can be completed in 39 minutes without comprising on washing performance and energy efficiency. This is made possible by its unique Q-drum that consists of a main drum and back plate that work independently of one another so clothes are moved from top to bottom, as well as back and forth.

Award Appliances Pyrolytic Built-In Oven

A new 60cm Pyrolytic built-in oven is now available from Award Appliances with a generous 74L capacity and intuitive soft-touch TFT control. As well as offering all standard fan-forced functions, the new control contains a boost option for rapid pre-heating, an array of automatic options including a pizza option and a meat-probe for precise control. Telescopic racking and Cool-Door are also included for total safety. In addition, this oven can be paired with a second 45cm companion. Choose from either the versatile Combi-microwave or the Combi-steam model. Both are offered with the same styling and TFT control. All three options are covered by a 3-year warranty.

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