By Wares June 07, 2018 Industry news

ServiceIQ Chief Executive Dean Minchington has decided to move on and pursue fresh challenges.

After five years leading ServiceIQ, Dean Minchington, says: “With the changing environment in the education sector, which I expect to crystalize over the next two years, I have decided it is now time for new leadership to guide the organisation through the next exciting evolution of industry training as the Government makes its mark on the education landscape.

“One of the things I’m most proud of is that ServiceIQ has such a strong sense of community which has been built by the dedicated people who have worked here and who work here now.

"When I look at the graduations, the awards events, and all the talented and determined New Zealanders who are achieving by training on-job in the services industry, I can say that it’s been a real privilege to lead ServiceIQ; an organisation that has a very important role to play for a vibrant and successful New Zealand well into the future.”

An interim Chief Executive will be appointed from within the current ServiceIQ executive team, pending the appointment of a new CEO.

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