By Wares July 17, 2018 Industry news

Is Amazon planning its own Fire TV smart TV sets for the UK?

Various UK media outlets are saying that Amazon may soon transition from just add-on TV streaming products to making its own smart TV sets available in the UK.

In Amazon's home market it already sells a Toshiba Fire TV Edition, and Amazon of course already has a trio of Fire TV plug-in streaming devices, one with an Alexa voice control remote, which are available in the UK.

The pundits have it that actually launching its own brand smart TVs would enable the e-commerce giant to take on the established UK broadcasters and boost its Amazon Video service into the bargain, not to mention adding another way to introduce Alexa into homes.

Amazon however won't have the market to itself, Alexa-enabled TVs having been announced earlier this year by Sony, Hisense and LG.

Check out a video of the Alexa-enabled Toshiba Fire TV Edition (one of the stars of Amazon Prime Day 2018) to see what voice control brings to a smart TV:

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