By WARES December 13, 2018 Wearables, personal care & health

Sennheiser has headphones for audiophiles, gym bunnies and serious commuters.

Sennheiser has a range of headphones ideal for a music lover’s Christmas.

Manufactured at Sennheiser in Wedemark, Germany, the premium HD 820 headphones (above) are closed-back audiophile headphones which deliver transparent sound while blocking ambient noise. They feature a unique Gorilla glass transducer cover that minimizes resonance and ensures an incredibly realistic and natural sound field.

Commuters will love the PXC 550 Wireless models featuring NoiseGard hybrid adaptive noise cancellation, intuitive, ear cup-mounted touch control panel and voice prompt system that are lightweight and extremely comfortable for long listening sessions. These models offer up to 30 hours of battery time.

Gym nuts, on the other hand, will enjoy the CX SPORT in-ear Bluetooth sports headphones (below) with their clear, detailed sound with powerful bass, and splash and sweat-resistant ergonomic ear fins to keep the earbuds comfortably secure during any workout. They also have a 6-hour battery life.

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