By Wares August 10, 2018 Industry news

Fisher & Paykel and Mitsubishi Electric get their fridges on with new multi-door models...

Fisher & Paykel Quad Door Refrigerator

Fisher & Paykel’s new Quad Door Refrigerator (above) is designed for personalised storage flexibility with a Variable Temperature Zone compartment located in the lower right quadrant of the new fridge-freezer that offers four food mode settings: Freezer, Soft Freeze, Chill or Fridge.

The ActiveSmart Foodcare adjusts airflow to create a stable and even temperature – helping food stay fresher for longer even when the door is continually opened.

Adjustable cantilevered shelves and separate freezer drawers allow internal flexibility to accommodate the tallest bottles and bulkiest items, while a slimline water dispenser (ice and water models only) means no lost storage in the door.

It’s also easy to use and maintain with an internal water filter, and ice is always on hand in the freezer compartment.

The Quad door features bright LED lighting in the ceiling and smooth runners on the bins, while the minimal product aesthetic matches the wider Fisher & Paykel kitchen product family.

Built to last with strong glass shelving with real stainless steel, this fridge is designed for durability.

It fits seamlessly into any kitchen design with perfectly flat doors for a less intrusive finish at true counter depth.


Mitsubishi Electric Metallic Silver WX Series Multi Drawer Fridge

A new spin on an old favourite, Mitsubishi Electric has welcomed an addition to its range of flagship WX Series Refrigerators with the WX Series in Metallic Silver (right).

Boasting the same market-leading Multi Drawer features as its White Diamond and Rich Mahogany counterparts such as advanced Inverter Technology, whisper quiet operation at 15dBA, separate Vitalight Humidity Drawer to keep fruit and veges fresher for longer, a dedicated Versa Freezer Drawer and Non-Plumbed Automatic Ice Maker, the WX Series has increased from a 3.5 Star to 4 Star Energy Rating and now features a new removable Hybrid Nano Clean Tray that prevents dirt and bacteria from leafy greens sticking, keeping your Humidity Drawer cleaner than ever.

The WX Series fridges also feature flat panel glass doors which not only look great, but are easy to clean and dent resistant.

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