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In the news this week: Consumer announces its 2018 Top Brands and more...

Who were 2018's Top Brands?

Consumer's Top Brands (link here, subscription required!) are a combination of lab tests and consumer feedback around reliability and satisfaction. And the winners were...

  • BBQs: Weber
  • Built-in ovens: Miele
  • Clothes dryers: Miele
  • Cooktops: Electrolux
  • Dishwashers: Miele and Bosch
  • Espresso machines: Breville (previously announced)
  • Food mixers: Kenwood
  • Food processors: Magimix
  • Freestanding ovens: Bosch
  • Fridge-freezers: LG
  • Lawnmowers and Line trimmers: STIHL
  • Vacuum cleaners: Miele
  • Washing machines: Miele

With another haul of categories, Miele has every right to be pleased.

Miele New Zealand General Manager, Steven Bellamy, says: “The accomplishment of receiving so many of these highly-regarded Consumer Awards consistently from 2016 to 2018 is an outstanding result and a tremendous endorsement of the Miele brand by New Zealand consumers.


Briscoes sees Q2 "rebound" 

In the news this week was Briscoe Group's Q2 update.

After a "modest" first quarter, homewares rebounded strongly in Q2 with sales +7.3% and same store sales +4.4%.

For the half to date, though, homewares sales were +4.5% and same store sales 2.2%. 

Group Managing Director, Rod Duke, says of these numbers: “This second quarter has produced a reversal in form across the two trading brands when compared to the first quarter. 

“New Zealand retailing remains highly competitive and retailers’ profit margins continue to be tested by declining consumer confidence, record-high fuel costs and increased wage pressures.

"Despite these headwinds our profit continues to track marginally ahead of last year and we anticipate this being reflected in an increased half-year profit announcement for the Group, expected to be released on 20 September 2018.”


Spectrum battery share too small to be anti-competitive

The ACCC has given the green light for Energizer to buy Spectrum Brands' global battery and lighting business.

"The ACCC considers that the proposed acquisition would be likely to lessen competition in the market in Australia for consumer batteries, but not substantially.

"This means that the proposed acquisition would not breach section 50 of the Competition & Consumer Act."

The ACCC investigation focused on whether Spectrum would provide a strong competitive constraint on the market leaders, Energizer and Duracell, despite its small share of sales.

"Despite its strong brand recognition in Europe, Spectrum’s limited brand recognition in Australia and its limited market share mean Spectrum is unlikely to be a strong constraint on Energizer and Duracell in the medium-term," says the ACCC.

"We also believe there are other brands and private label products that could fill a similar competitive niche in the market to Spectrum."

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