By Wares April 20, 2018 Industry news

In the news: new products from Amazon, EU Boom and Google, and they're all "smart"...

Echo addition to hit the spot? - Amazon's Echo Spot (above) will soon be available in New Zealand. Echo Spot delivers voice control through Alexa, like other Echos, but it also has a circular display so it can act as an alarm clock or handle a video call. Echo Spot will be available on 26 April for around $229 through the usual NZ retailers.‚Äč Find out more here

Boom! UE intros MEGABLAST - Ultimate Ears has just introduced two new smart speakers, MEGABLAST (its "loudest, most powerful and best sounding speaker to date") and BLAST. Both wireless, portable speakers have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for streaming, immersive 360-degree sound and come with Amazon Alexa built-in. Both are also IP67 rated, so they are dustproof and waterproof. Find out more here

Do-it-yourself AI - That's what Google calls its "AIY" (get it?) maker kits, which allow you to build "intelligent devices that see, speak, and understand". There's a vision kit (above) and one that explores voice and both also involve Google Assistant. Coding, construction, education, very interesting... Find out more here

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