By Wares October 16, 2017 Heating & cooling

The Fresco Aurora combines radiant warmth, mood and task lighting, and is app-controlled.

IXL Home's new IXL Fresco Aurora offers radiant warmth, mood lighting and task lighting, all controlled via a free smart phone app or optional remote control.

Two types of internal reflectors radiate heat evenly and effectively to maximise comfort, while IXL Fresco Aurora’s Halo Heat Technology is designed to keep users comfortable throughout the colder months.

Rapid heat is delivered via two 1,000 Watt carbon fibre medium-wave infrared lamps, providing even warmth distribution in two heat settings. Highly efficient reflectors direct 95% per cent of heat downwards, so warmth is absorbed by people and objects and not affected by wind gusts.

In terms of lighting options, the LED task strip lighting illuminates space in low light situations, while the mood lighting option allows users to custom design lighting with a range of colour combinations or minimal white light in outdoor entertaining areas.

IXL Fresco Aurora comes in a medium bronze finish. With discreetly concealed fixings, it's crafted from anti-corrosive aluminised steel, so it's suitable for coastal areas.

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