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A round-up of some of the latest local and international major appliances category news.

Who was majoring on majors at IFA?

To cover off some of the most interesting whiteware products and concepts at IFA last month:

Bosch previews Xciting scanner – Bosch showed off the X-Spect multipurpose scanner (picture above).

A concept from its Home Connect division, X-Spect uses sensor technology to make household decisions easier.

Decisions like choosing the right setting on the washing machine, especially for delicate fabrics, X-Spect scans and detects the fabric, then communicates this to the washing machine for optimal handling.

X-Spect will also be able to scan food and tell you if fruit is ripe and even what meat is your burger patty!

Using the Home Connect app, it could also suggest nutritious recipes based on what it’s scanned and communicate with a smart oven to preheat itself.

It’s an oven but not as we know it – At IFA there were crowds around Miele’s new Dialog oven (above), not because it’s connected (which it is incidentally) but because it uses new technology called M Chef where electromagnetic waves “communicate in a smart way with the texture of food” (hence the Dialog name).

These waves cook without browning, which means the new Dialog oven will also include radiant and convection or fan heat. Dialog promises fast and gentle cooking so food keeps its original texture etc.

In terms of its connectedness, a Miele app will transfer recipe parameters straight to the Dialog oven, while its Gourmet Assistant and Gourmet Pro are there to “support creativity”.

Dialog is going to be available in the northern hemisphere next April.

Laundry doubles up – Billed as a system for “small loads that can’t wait”, LG’S TwinWash (above) is an interesting system where a tiny washing machine sits below a larger freestanding models, all the better to separate out urgent or different small loads from the main drum. Already out in the US.

LG also again showed off its Styler (below), a locker-size box into which you place your clothes for steam cleaning. Fill a reservoir with water and your outfits are shaken and steamed until spotless and wrinkle free.

Incidentally, LG is committed to making its smart appliances both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa-compatible.

Laundry = “clothes maintenance” – Panasonic has applied itself to the task of making cleaning the laundry better with its unusually named “Sustainable Maintainer” concept which it says could replace the washing machine.

You place your dirty clothes into a drawer, the machine examines each garment, checks any washing instructions against a database, cleans it with detergent and UV light and then dries the garment using suction. It will also fold the refreshed clothers ready for putting them away.

Sounds great but the Sustainable Maintainer isn’t arriving any time soon, possibly within the next decade.


Award Rangehood EVO Power Packs

As part of the new Advance Series of Rangehoods from Award, the EVO Power Packs share many of the common specifications from this new offering. Available in five different widths from (58-128cm), all are specified with a high performance DC brushless motor, not only ensuring brilliant performance, but also excelling in the areas of appreciable low noise and significantly lower energy consumption.

Models can be specified with either motors fitted onboard and with top or rear vent options, or as remotely mounted motor options, including ultra high performance motors on larger widths thanks in part to the ability to use 200mm ducting.

Remote options include motors being installed in either the ceiling space, outside wall or an exterior roof if required.

Stainless steel filters, LED lighting and electronic controls with Clean-Air function are fitted as standard, and all models feature a full three year warranty with an additional seven years parts cover on motors.

Liebherr freestanding bottom mount fridge/freezers

Award Appliances has released two new Liebherr freestanding bottom mount 75cm wide fridge/freezers, the CNPef 4516 and CNPef 4416.

They enjoy an excellent 3.5 Star energy rating and feature Duo-cooling, No Frost technology, concealed soft touch LCD controls and SmartSteel doors, which help reduce fingerprinting considerably.

Bright white interior lighting is provided by LED technology, making for a very welcoming experience. Heights are 186cm with a 442L capacity or 168cm with a 390L capacity and both are just 63cm deep, making them ideal for standard 60 cm joinery.

Available now with a three-year warranty.

Miele G 4900 dishwashers

30 years since the introduction of Miele’s clever cutlery tray, it remains a peerless feature. Now, with the affordable G4900 range, there’s a patented 3D version with even more practical adjustment features.

In addition, the G 4900 range offers all the performance, durability, sustainability and convenience characteristics of other Miele dishwashers at a “very competitive” price point.

Each of the G4900 models has a 3.5 star energy efficiency rating, complemented by a 5 star WELs water efficiency rating, Comfort basket design and the Miele-exclusive ComfortClose feature.

The G4900 range covers freestanding, built-in and -under, integrated and fully integrated models.

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