By Wares March 24, 2017 Industry news

Showing you can make a big deal out of a tiny product, Nespresso's Essenza Mini made a big splash this week.

Italian chef and culinary wizard Giapo Grazioli created a fantasy world featuring an edible garden to mark the launch on Wednesday of Nespresso’s smallest machine ever, the Essenza Mini. 

As you can see below, in celebration of Nespresso’s smallest machine, the event had an Alice in Wonderland-style theme, with a play on size and perspective.

It was a fitting celebration of the miniature new Essenza Mini which weighs just 2.3kg and stands only 20.5cm tall.

John Ciaglia, Nespresso New Zealand Country Manager, says size both is and isn't everything: “The Essenza Mini is about simplifying and creating space, while still delivering that unrivalled Nespresso quality, combined with ease of use and minimalist style.”

There are both Breville (above right) and DeLonghi (above left) versions of Essenza Mini.

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