By Wares July 04, 2017 Industry news

Having revealed its new logo in April, Fisher & Paykel will be rolling it out across products and POS from September this year.

The new logo (right) is the last part of what Fisher & Paykel calls its "premium brand vision for the future".

"Our new logo compliments our product design. It reflects our design philosophy and is an embodiment of our brand," it says in a recent communication to retailers.

"We are a heritage company with a contemporary offering, and our logo has been designed with these unique conditions in mind."

Described as having "a subtly nostalgic feel", the new logo is "bold and confident, stands upright and is proud to be on display".

In terms of the brand roll-out, the strong new logo will appear on laundry products over September-November 2017 and on cooking, dishwashers and refrigeration products over January-March 2018.

Websites (see top image) and social media, plus recently installed retail displays and promotional materials, already incorporate the new logo with new POS material to follow later this year.

What do you think of Fisher & Paykel's new logo? Let us know!

For comparison, we include the logotype pre-change above. 

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