By Wares December 01, 2017 Industry news

Yesterday Amazon revealed it would be launching its Echo smart speaker in New Zealand "early in the New Year".

Exciting news just announced: Amazon Echo and Alexa will be available in New Zealand and Australia "early in the New Year".

Plus, Alexa will come with "an all-new voice designed for customers in Australia and New Zealand, with local knowledge and skills".

Amazon will also be making the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) available to developers interested in building skills for customers in Australia and New Zealand.

We've asked which products we'll get, where they will be on sale and how much they'll cost.

The initial response was that these details aren't yet available.

However it's likely at least one New Zealand retailer will be involved (possibly more than one based on who's stocking Kindle products these days) on top of availability through

With as yet no new of Google Home's availability here and Apple's HomePod smart speaker being delayed, Amazon and Echo could end up as the market makers in this country after all.

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