By Wares August 23, 2017 Floor care

A round-up of some of the latest local and international floor care category news.

Floor care bits & pieces

  • Robovac the sequel – Miele is using IFA in September to launch the new Scout RX2 Robovac, featuring dual (“stereo”) front cameras for improved navigation and so you can view the cleaning action live through an app.
  • Miele stops bagging bagless – Look out too for Miele to launch its first bagless floor care product into New Zealand towards the fourth quarter of this calendar year. Bags having previously been “de rigueur” in Miele vacuum cleaners, Blizzard CX 1, (right) its first bagless vacuum cleaner, will sell alongside bagged models, Executive Director and Co-Proprietor Dr Markus Miele’s belief being that: “Whichever way the choice falls is a matter of personal preference. One could even say it’s a matter of belief and conviction.”
  • That’s my IP! – We also hear that iRobot has asked the US International Trade Commission to investigate alleged patent violations by the producers of various competing robovacs, claiming that intellectual property has been infringed and ideas stolen.


Floor care bucks trend with value growth

Floor care has been showing very decent value growth according to GfK’s take on the New Zealand market for the first half of 2017 (Jan-June).

In contrast to a declining household appliance market, vacuum cleaners were in robust health, showing +15% by value and +7% in units and with ASPs +7%.

Canister products dominate the New Zealand market, says GfK, representing more than 60% of total value, followed by handsticks which have grown to a 30% share of value.

Canister bagless is 57% of this segment, showing reasonable growth with +10% in value and +7% in units, while bagged canisters experienced better growth being +13% in value and +14% in units compared to YTD 2016.


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