By Wares December 05, 2015 Industry news

LV Martin has been folded into the Smiths City banner

As flagged in our interview with the new CEO, Roy Campbell, in our October issue, on Thursday, Smiths City announced that it had rebadged the two LV Martin stores in Ngauranga Gorge (above) and Adelaide Road as Smiths City.

The rationale, says Smiths City, is this: “Now, with the coming together of two great brands, customers in Wellington get the best all round offering – trusted Fisher & Paykel products, renowned LV Martin service, and Smiths City’s wide range and deals.”

Roy Campbell, says: “LV Martin changing its name to Smiths City is a coming together of two retailers with very similar mind sets. We’re a genuine, Kiwi-owned company, with a southern heritage that stretches back more than 85 years.

“We’ve owned LV Martin for more than 10 years, so we’re deeply familiar with the business. Merging the two brands will provide customers with a better offering as we’ll be introducing new products and a wider range of furniture and bedding.”

Founded in 1934, LV Martin with its 80-year heritage was a key inclusion in our Retail Icon series back in April 2011.

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